Sorcery News (July 28th)

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This week brings an FAQ update, news about Sorcery’s debut at Gencon, a fresh wave of stores on the store locator, and a Limited Play battle between Chase and Ira!

Sorcery’s Gencon Debut!

With Gencon just around the corner, the excitement surrounding Sorcery: Contested Realm's debut at North America’s largest tabletop game convention is palpable! Find out about the Championship prize and our events at Gencon here.

Sorcery Store Locator Updated with a New Wave of Stores

A new wave of stores has been uploaded to the Sorcery Contested Realm Store Locator. With communities sprouting up all around the globe, connecting with like-minded Sorcerers has never been easier.

The enthusiasm is particularly strong in the United States Pacific Northwest, where a robust community of passionate players has emerged. These dedicated individuals rotate among local gaming stores, fostering a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for all Sorcery enthusiasts. Don’t forget to share pictures of your meet-ups in the Sorcery: Contested Realm Official Facebook group!

Above: Players gathering at Zulu's Board Game Cafe in Washington State, USA.

FAQ Update

With the reveal and update of the final Alpha set cards on, we’ve updated the FAQ to help address any questions you might have while contesting the Realm.

A large portion of the unrevealed cards were powerhouse Uniques, like Kythera Mechanism, Cerberus in Chains, and the Great Old One. While you can always check the individual cards for any FAQ notes on, we’ve also compiled the FAQs & Rulings in one master list here.

Sorcery TCG Limited Play

Last week, Ira opened 6 Booster packs and discussed Limited Play in Sorcery: Contested Realm. This week, he takes his cards into battle! Hop on down in the comments and say hello!

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