Sorcery News (30 March)

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It’s that time again where we round up Sorcery news and articles. A batch has gone out and we’ve got an overview ready for you right here. Let’s dive straight in!

Community Spotlight: Nick’s League Journey

Nick Crawford, AKA @RumpleNZ in the Discord group, lays out his journey in the Sorcery League Season One. From a self proclaimed “spongecake” of a player with a 50% win rate, through late nights grinding out games for tiny incremental advantages in the race for the top 8, all the way to the finals. Here’s his story...

Sorcery League: Season One Final

Leaving many conquered realms in their wake, Zalem and Rumple face off in Season One’s grand finale. Watch the action here:

Sorcery League: Season Two Registration

Sorcery League Season 2 signups are open now! We will start in about two weeks, so get registered soon. Erik’s Curiosa has donated another 4 booster boxes (Beta this time) for prize support. Read more here...

2023 Auckland Games Fair

Sorcery: Contested Realm will be at the 2023 Auckland Games Fair on 29/30 April. We’ll have a table set up to run demos, some original art to look at, and more. If you’re in the area, do stop by and see us!

Introducing the Locator page

We've just added a Locator tool to the Sorcery website. It serves both as a compass to find other players on the “community” tab, and a tool for finding products on the “retailers” tab. It's currently full of online fan groups, communities, regional player hubs, secondary market channels, retailers, and soon to come, local games stores and wholesalers.

The retailers section has only Team Covenant at the moment, but it will expand in time as distribution deals are signed and LGSs are connected up.

The First Booster Boxes Arrive at the Studio

Witness Erik’s Curiosa’s Auckland crew totally fail the marshmallow test when the first Alpha Booster Boxes arrive…

Distribution News

Erik has posted a Kickstarter update on shipping, so be sure to check that out.

Above: Cases of Sorcery product are loaded into shipping containers, destined for our partner's various global fulfillment centers.

We’ve also got some good news for those Sorcerers in Aotearoa New Zealand looking to get their hands on the forthcoming Beta set for Sorcery: Contested Realm. Erik’s Curiosa is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with Geek Culture to help bring Sorcery to a store near you!

Innkeeper Pledge Verification Survey

We recently sent out an update on kickstarter to our Innkeeper pledges. This covered their brick & mortar store verification, where in order for us to fulfil those Innkeeper pledges, we need to confirm that they are being sent to actual stores.

There is also an opportunity in there to be featured in the "Locator" page previously mentioned, to help players find their store for product and playgroups. Finally, it also includes a question on the form asking if they would be interested in a similar Innkeeper bundle for Beta. If there is enough interest in that, we'll look into making that available directly from Erik’s Curiosa so that you'd have the beta product available on its launch day.

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