Sorcery News (16 March)

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We've got an exciting line up of articles and announcements to get through, so let's get straight into it!

League Finals!

We've entered the endgame of Season One of the Sorcery League! Over the past few weeks we've been privileged to watch ordinary players smash through exceptional difficulties by using their elite skills as they vie to be the unique champion of Season One!

It's the finals, but we won't spoil who the players are for those of you who are still catching up on the quarter and semi final videos. What we can say is that after some tight matches, all of the decks and players involved have been honed after several intense weeks of league play, so they are sure to be a blast to watch. The game will be recorded with live commentary from your exceptional host Ira, and the whole video will be premiered on our YouTube channel at 12pm EDT Friday 17 March. Tune in then to chat with other viewers as the match unfolds! If you miss the premiere event, the video will be available via YouTube normally in the future.

Ira has also announced that he is intending to open registration for Season Two within the next week! So whether you missed your chance to join Season One, or have an old-ish score to settle, be ready to jump into the action. Keep your eye out for further announcements on both the Sorcery and League Discord servers.

Community Spotlight

This week we're casting the community spotlight on the semi-finals, where discord community member @Zalem provided an entertaining video of his game, complete with commentary! If you've not seen them yet, rest assured that you'll be entertained, learn new tricks, and come away inspired to join Season Two! Watch now ...

League Season One Analysis

We asked Ira to help us identify and understand any interesting trends that came out of the first part of the league. Here's what he found...

Art Proofs

A few weeks ago, we got some art proofs back from the printer. Sean gives us a sneak-peek and shows us what they are all about here...

Production News

It's been a busy and exciting couple of weeks here at Erik's Curiosa! We couldn't wait to share the most exciting news with you last week. As many of you might already know, all booster packs, pledge packs, box topper packs, and elemental decks are done. Packaging of booster boxes and precon decks is halfway done and we're hoping that everything will be shipped out from our production partner later this week!

We also want to make sure that we are able to lockdown addresses on Backerkit. If you need to change your address, the deadline for doing so is 22 March!

Join the Facebook Group

The Sorcery community is important to us, so we wanted to create a space on Facebook that is focused entirely on serving you as a Sorcerer, just like our Discord server. We would love to see your posts about deck designs, spoiler discussion, Q&As, event news, player locators, tutorials, unboxings, pack reveals, after-action reports, and basically anything that's gameplay-focused. So come and join us on Facebook, and we look forward to hearing your Sorcery stories!

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