Sorcery News (3 March)

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There's been a lot going on in the world of Sorcery: Contested Realm. While production of the Alpha set remains our central focus (with an exciting update coming very soon), we wanted to take a moment to highlight some developments happening within the community.

From the first fledgling experience of competitive play, sideboarding, livestreamed gameplay with the final alpha precons, and a behind the scenes visit from some community members... buckle your seatbelts.

Sorcery League Top 8

The Sorcery League, spearheaded by our very own Ira Fay, kicked off on January 5th. It was supported by Erik's Curiosa with official prize support, and anyone was welcome to play. Organized through a dedicated discord server, it featured a matchmaking system, sideboards, and swiss-style tournament where players were required to play at least 8 games across 8 weeks with unique opponents. It took part on Tabletop Simulator, and had over 170 official games played before the top 8 cut was announced and single elimination began.

The top 8 games are happening now, so tune in to see the action unfold! Like you, we'll be watching the final cut closely and wishing all the players the best of luck!


Speaking of sideboards in the league, the current system being trialled is to allow a 10 card sideboard, which can include any cards whatsoever (including avatars). In between games, you can edit your decklist using cards from your sideboard, as long as after sideboarding you're still presenting a legal deck.

This is now possible in, where you can add cards to your sideboard as well as your main deck. When you import the deck into TTS for games, the deck spawner will now spawn your sideboard too in a separate pile!

Alpha Precons - Unboxing & Gameplay

We sent the guys over at Team Covenant some preconstructed decks to play around with and they wasted no time getting a game in! Check out their unboxing and playthrough here...

Community Spotlight

Earlier this week, we were treated to a visit from a pair of fantastic wayfaring pilgrims, David & Melody. They asked some great questions, took lots of photos, and walked away with some loot. This is their story...

Alpha Playtesting Rewards & Promos

A few of you have wondered and asked about two very special promo cards, which the community had the chance to win through multiple events during the pre-Alpha era. We've got an update for you here...

Production News

Like everyone else, we’re super excited about getting the product in our hands, so as soon as we get updates from the factory on the Alpha production, we’ll post them straight away, first as a Kickstarter Update and then in the News section on the website. News about Beta’s development and distribution, as well as anything else related to future editions and expansions will be found first and foremost on when we are ready to reveal more.

Speaking of Alpha, the latest news update we have to share is that many workers have moved over to packaging Box Topper packs and Pledge packs in order to prepare booster box packaging that starts after the weekend. Booster pack completion now stands at 76% which is plenty to start packing booster boxes.

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