Sorcery Mayhem in the Midwest

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Chase du Pont

Attention sorcerers in the Midwest, USA: mark your calendars for Midland Mayhem, a three-day Sorcery: Contested Realm event taking place May 17th through 19th at Belleville’s Mythic Lotus Gaming. Organized by local Sorcery advocate Pete Hansen, this fan-run gathering welcomes players of all levels to come together, share their love for the game, appreciate Sorcery’s art and artists, and vie for prizes, including Alpha Sorcery cards!

A Labor of Love

After missing out on participating in Sorcery at Gencon last year due to sold-out events, Pete redirected his efforts toward hosting his own community event, reaching out to artists, and working diligently to build his local scene.

Set against the backdrop of Mythic Lotus Gaming, Midland Mayhem boasts multiple completive events, with Constructed and Sealed events taking place Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Pete shares, “I’ve always wanted to attend a large-person event,” and this desire to recapture the large-event feeling has guided his approach in planning Midland Mayhem, featuring generous prize support, custom playmats, and even arrangements for Sorcery artist Jeff Menges to attend.

An Event for All Levels

In addition to the main competitive events, side events such as drafts and learn-to-plays with Preconstructed decks will be available throughout the weekend. However, all levels of players are encouraged to participate in the main events, and Pete has plans for a special “tune-up” event for players on Friday - a fantastic opportunity for players to socialize and get to know each other better before diving into the weekend's events!

For full of event details, prizing, and tickets more information can be found here.

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