Sorcery League - Season One Report

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Ira Fay

I'm pleased to provide a quick update on the status of the first ever online Sorcery league, which we played via Tabletop Simulator (TTS) over the last 9 weeks. This was a totally free, fan-run event organized by me, Ira Fay, with generous prize support from Erik's Curiosa, as well as community donations. You can read more about the league rules and other details here.

I fully anticipate running future seasons of the league, so if you missed this first season, stay tuned for more information soon, and consider joining the league-specific Discord server to stay updated!

In Season One, we had 35 players from around the world play at least one regulation game, and a total of 172 league games played over the whole season! Players were required to play each of their league games against different opponents, which encourages community building and meeting lots of different people. Impressively, two different league participants, MikePelli and Rumple, managed to play 25 (!) league games each, meaning they played 25 different players over a single season! The "normal" expectation is that players will play 8 games during the 7 week league, though the league is set up such that players can play as few or as many games as they wish.

Here are a few interesting statistics from the league:

  • Of the 172 league games that were played, players used 344 decks. Players were free to change their decks between games.
  • Of the 344 decks that were used, 299 of them included the element air, which was by far the most common. The least used element was water, included in only 74 decks.
  • For Avatars, Sorcerer was by far the most common, used in 151 decks (out of a possible 344). Second place was Battlemage, at 68 uses. Least used was the Avatar of Fire, which was at 0 uses until the very last day of the league, when someone intentionally built a deck with it and played a game, so it actually had 1 league game (and lost).

Some charts that paint a picture of the data:

There are quite a few content creators who are making great videos of the gameplay, so come join the Discord (linked above) to check it out and play some games with us! Note that we are not affiliated with TTS in any way, but it's a useful tool for playing together online. If you want to play but can't afford TTS (normal price $20), please feel free to reach out to me on Discord, since we got generous donations to support anyone in the community who needs help.

I want to conclude by giving special thanks to the judging team, led by Haine, who all volunteered their time to provide a fair and pleasant experience for everyone. Stay tuned for more information soon!

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