Sorcery: Contested Realm - Join Us at GenCon for Epic Gaming Adventures!

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Calling all card game enthusiasts and fantasy lovers! In just two days, Sorcery: Contested Realm, the much-anticipated trading card game featuring stunning art and deep tactical gameplay, will be running its first events at GenCon! Join us for four days of exciting tactical card play where you can delve into the magical world of Sorcery and battle it out for glory and fantastic prizes.

Whether you're a seasoned TCG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, there's something for everyone at our organized play extravaganza. While our events are sold out, spaces can open up on the day of - come stop by the Sorcery: Contested Realm play space.

We’ll be located in Hall C: Yellow 17-19 Thursday through Sunday, stop by and say hello!

The Events!

1. Learn to Play Events:

Never played Sorcery before? No problem! We've got you covered with our Learn to Play events. Here, you can dive into the game with the guidance of experienced players and learn the mechanics, strategies, and nuances that make Sorcery a truly captivating experience. Decks will be provided for these events, so all you need to bring is your excitement and eagerness to learn! Even better, after learning to play Sorcery - you get to keep your deck!

2. Booster Draft Events:

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you participate in our Booster Draft events! Put your deck-building skills to the test as you draft cards from booster packs to construct a deck on the spot. We’ll draft 3 boosters, then play 3 rounds. Booster packs will be provided, so just bring your A-game and some sleeves (in case you draft any foils)! There will be additional prizes for game wins and you get to keep all the cards you draft. Please bring Ordinary sites and a Sorcerer avatar, but we'll have extras on hand for anyone who needs them.

3. Tournament - Constructed Play:

For those looking to showcase their meticulously crafted decks, our first Sorcery: Contested Realm Championship is the place to be. Bring a tournament-legal Sorcery deck (40+ spells, 20+ sites, 1 avatar) and play in 6 rounds of Swiss, no elimination battle over the realm. There are prizes for all participants and the winner will receive Elvira Shakirova’s Mix Ignis! The battles will be fierce, and the rewards will be extraordinary. So, make sure to bring your best deck, and let the epic duels begin!

What to Bring:

  • Learn to Play Events: Bring your enthusiasm and desire to learn. We'll provide the decks to get you started on your Sorcery journey.

  • Booster Draft Events: Just bring yourself, some sleeves (in case you draft foils!), and a keen sense of strategy. Booster packs will be provided, but bring Ordinary sites and a Sorcerer avatar if you have them (we'll have extras on hand if needed). Please also bring paper and pen or a d20 to track your life.

  • Tournament - Constructed Play: Bring your own spellbook, an atlas deck, and an avatar! Please also bring paper and a pen or a d20 to track your life. Finally, you will need to submit a decklist. We'll have them on-site, but you can prepare them in advance if you wish using this template.


We understand the importance of a comfortable and immersive play experience. That's why we'll have playmats available for you to use during all our events. Enjoy your battles on these high-quality mats, enhancing both aesthetics and playability.

Social Media Tags:

Join in the excitement and share your Sorcery: Contested Realm experiences with the world! When posting about Gencon and our events, use the following hashtags: #sorcerygencon , #gencon, and #sorcerytcg. Let's make sure the world knows about the fantastic times we'll have at Gencon!

Don't Miss Out!

Whether you're seeking casual fun or fierce competition, we've got it all covered. Meet fellow gamers, experience fantastic art, and engage in Sorcery's tactical gameplay.

You can join the discussion on the Sorcery Contested Realm Discord #GenCon channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates from the events throughout the day!

Specific event listings and times for Sorcery events can be found on the GenCon website here.

See you at GenCon, Sorcerers!

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