Sorcery: Contested Realm Dust Rewards Program

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As part of the Alpha Kickstarter release you may have noticed the barcodes on the bottom of each booster box. These unique scratch-off codes authenticate your Sorcery product, as well as reward a little of the mysterious currency we call Dust.

For those of you still to do so, you can register your Dust codes here:

What is the future of Dust?

Our longer-term plans for Dust are to grow the program as a ‘multifaceted loyalty system’ for all the different types of fans who enjoy Sorcery.

  • Collectors - looking to complete a collection
  • Casual Players - who enjoy meeting friends at their local game store
  • Competitive Players - who seek a challenge, and to hone their skills in the different game formats

In real language ~ when you enjoy Sorcery, there will be some sort of activity where you can acquire Dust!

To support Dust acquisition through social and event participation, we have partnered with to build out the infrastructure which we will be rolling out with our forthcoming beta launch of the Sorcery Play Network very soon!

Dust will be rewarded for both event participation and also placing/winning with the new system. Dust acquisition through participation will be capped on a monthly basis, so players don’t feel compelled to burn themselves out in the quest to acquire more!

Social Play Event Kits

In addition to the Dust rewards, our current plans are to continue the production of new store kits to support showcase events. The Sorcery Play Network will allow us to track store and event activity, so we will be able to award future kits proportionally to player engagement, rather than just order volume.

We want to recognize the efforts of our stores and supporters with our next Social Play Store Kit in late Q1 2024, even creating a path for stores to unlock the full benefits of a coveted Innkeeper partnership!

The rewards from our first Social Play Store Kit (above) will be available in participating stores with the beta release.

Dust Rewards Preview

The Dust rewards are currently in production, but what can I actually acquire by collecting Dust?

We acknowledge that introducing alternate and non-functionally unique cards enhances the gameplay experience without being a necessary hurdle for wider participation. They are optional, fun, collectibles, both in regular and foil treatments.

We are delighted to announce not only these new alternate art promo cards…. but we are also thrilled to announce a truly legendary new artist is joining the Sorcery: Contested Realm roster – Mr Boris Vallejo!

A lot of players have been wondering, where are all the Sorcery playmats? Well, we will be releasing more, and some will be exclusively available as Dust rewards in support of Social Play!

Here is the selection of the mats we aim to offer at the launch of the Dust rewards program, including a single-player version of a certain mat that many have requested countless times before!

Finally, focusing on merch, there is one item that our team has road-tested almost every day since GenCon – our hugely popular T-shirts! We really demand the best from our apparel, and if we wouldn’t want to wear it, we don't expect you to.

We’ve been living in these for months now, and they’ve earned our seal of approval, and hopefully, yours too! In addition, we are working on a Sorcery hoodie which we have a little work to do to get it just right, so that may appear in the Dust store a little later.

With Dust rewards, this is how we get started, and we already have other items in the pipeline. Rewards will be available to order from the Sorcery Play Network website (we are projecting December). To order items, players will be required to pay for shipping and handling costs. We are also working on establishing additional regional fulfillment centers through 2024.

The Dust program is a significant undertaking for us as a small company, and there is some risk involved. Therefore, we will measure the adoption and success of the program, monitor activity to ensure the integrity of the system, and consider how long Dust can last after acquisition. We will also adjust the reward structure to recognize player’s effort and time and to ensure the program is viable long-term.

Some Dust rewards will be limited to one per account, while others will be limited-term or limited-run.  We want to fine-tune the system to make it exciting and dynamic for people with compelling reasons to participate. We may even drop a few spot rewards in the portal from time to time, and see if people notice!

Thank You!

Dust is our way of saying thank you to our fans, players, supporters, and stores for your continued support. We look forward to your feedback on our Dust plans, and please let us know what else you would like to see.

Stay tuned for more information on the Sorcery Play Network, as well as our ramp into launch week culminating in Sorcery: Contested Realm - Beta Edition, arriving on store shelves on the 10th of November.

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