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We’re at the stage of production where roughly once a week a new mysterious package arrives at the office and we all exchange curious glances, wondering what could be inside and when we can open it. A couple of weeks ago, one such package was opened to reveal stack upon stacks of square-cornered cards with blank white backs. It was the Alpha Art Proof cards!

Originally Art Proofs were created as a small run to ensure that printing processes were up to the task, but as collecting became a hobby of its own these were often signed to create popular collectible items. The white back also lends itself to small sketches or even mini-paintings. So when we ordered our Art Proofs, we made sure we ordered with this very thing in mind. 25 copies of each card are destined to find their way to the artists who created them, to sign, sell, trade, or do with as they please, and 4 complete sets of Art Proofs will be sent out to our Avatar of the Realm kickstarter backers.

An exceptional spread of Art Proofs.

Cut to this week and a morning where the internet had gone out in our building. It was the perfect opportunity to set the designer brain to rest mode for a while, and sort through some Art Proofs. Splitting the cards into their artist specific stacks took some time (and some desk space!) but we got there eventually.

It was interesting to line the stacks up at the end and see just how many pieces some artists had contributed to Alpha (if you’re curious Vincent Pompetti and Alan Pollack were leading at the end of the unique, elite, and exceptional legs of the race).

After sorting the ordinary cards, the next step for these cards will be preparing them for a safe journey back to their artists.

Each artist gets their own stack… who will have the highest at the end of the day?

The temptation to get a headstart on that Grey Wolves deck is strong. No one will miss these, right?

Vincent Pompetti and Alan Pollack were neck-and-neck for most of the race, but as the Ordinary cards came in Dan Seagrave took the lead, with many deck staples like ‘Bury’ to his name.

The Sorcery binders also arrived in the building!

Each artist will receive a Sorcery binder with their art proofs inside.

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