Rulebook 0.9 Goes Live

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Erik's Curiosa

While Erik has been laser focused on looking after the production line, other members of the design team have been digging into the rulebook and getting a new version of it ready as we close in on the rulebook's more-or-less final version.

This is now version 0.9, which means we are incredibly close to a complete rulebook, and we have the community's feedback and enthusiasm to thank for that. We want to say thank you to our passionate discord community for playing games, asking questions, and providing feedback. Without that effort we wouldn't be this far along. So, from all of us here at Erik's Curiosa, many many thanks for playing your part in this!

Many changes incorporated in this latest version have come from the first Sorcery: Contested Realm Tabletop Simulator online league, spearheaded by Ira. We are very grateful to Ira for leading the event, as well as the judges and players taking part in the league for spending your precious hobby time playing Sorcery! Oh, and good luck to all the finalists as the top 8 cut draws near.

As usual, we've got two versions of the new rulebook. One is annotated with highlighted text to quickly show you what's changed compared to version 0.8. The second version is simply the same without the highlights. The latest version has been uploaded to the Tabletop Simulator mod so it's available in context while you play.

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