Production and Roadmap Update

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We've got an update to show you what's been happening over the holidays and in the first weeks of the new year so let's just jump straight to it.

  • Cards Printed: 100% (370,000 sheets)
  • Packaging materials printed: 100%
  • Cards cut: 96%
  • Booster packs assembled and sealed: 13%
  • Living Roadmap:


  • Preconstructed Decks - We had 30 boxes from the final production express freighted to the office and the quality is great! The boxes have a black inside and the cardboard is sturdier and more precisely folded. The box has our branded plastic wrap(this is also used on the booster box). We added a small piece of foam to the inside of each of the inner elemental deck boxes to provide extra protection and to prevent the cards from rattling around during transport. 

  • Booster Boxes & Cards - All normal cards and foil cards have been printed and are in queue to be cut and packaged. The booster packaging have been fully printed and we have taken measures to ensure that the booster pack sits slim and tight around the cards and is of a thickness that feels good.

Despite the recent challenges caused by the COVID lockdown and then outbreak in China and production winding down for the Chinese New Year holiday, production of the booster box is progressing well. We are optimistic that production will pick up pace once our production partner returns from the holiday, as there are positive indications that the pandemic is starting to subside.

  • Pledge Packs & Box Topper Packs - The cards for the Pledge Pack have been printed and are currently being prepared for cutting. The packaging itself has also been printed and will be assembled as soon as the cards are ready.

  • Sample Packs - We added a custom void sticker to the sample packs to make them easy to identify as specifically Sorcery packs. These packs have been packaged and will be sent to the ShipQuest distribution centers next week.

  • Binders & Playmats - Both the binders and playmats have been shipped out from the factories and are on their way to our ShipQuest distribution centers. These shipments will serve as a valuable learning experience for navigating customs and import procedures, which will allow us to ensure smooth delivery for our upcoming precon and booster box shipments.

Address Changes

If you've recently moved or will be moving soon, updating your shipping address on Backerkit is quick and easy. If you're unable to access Backerkit, please reach out to us directly via Kickstarter message and we'll be more than happy to assist you with the update. As a reminder, our current schedule indicates that shipping addresses will be locked at the end of February, so please make any necessary updates as soon as possible.

Production Going Forward

Our production partner will be closing for Chinese New Year celebrations in the next two weeks. Things are set up to resume quickly and smoothly once our team returns. We have successfully navigated the major quality assurance challenges and a majority of our team is now focused on working on future editions and expansions. The remaining tasks for the alpha edition include final quality assurance checks and logistics. We welcome any questions or comments you may have!

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