Print Progress and Quality Assurance

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Erik's Curiosa


A quick update on card manufacturing before we all head out for the holidays. We are very happy to say that 100% of normal cards have been printed and have moved to the cutting process.

  • Cut - We ordered many extra cutting moulds to ensure that the edges and corners are cut with fresh and sharp blades. Another cutting detail is that all cards will be cut from front to back. This means that while we try to make the cut as perfect as possible overall, the front would be the "cleaner" side of the two.
  • Colour - Getting the saturation and brightness right in printing is an art in itself.

Last, but not least, the printing has moved on to our holographic foil cards. Luckily, there are much fewer than the regular cards so printing them will hopefully be faster. Sheets for almost 20 million normal cards have been printed while there will be less than 300 thousand foil cards created in total. On the other hand, extra care will be taken to get things right on them. We will give another update that really delves deeper into techniques used on them after the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from the Sorcery team!

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