Gen Con 2024 Welcomes Sorcery Enthusiasts Worldwide

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Erik's Curiosa

Gen Con stands as the largest and longest-running gaming convention in North America, drawing in tens of thousands of enthusiasts from across the globe.

What better destination for players looking to share their love of Sorcery while participating in 4 days of Official Sorcery events, hosted by Erik’s Curiosa?

Last year, we were thrilled by the opportunity to connect with so many of you over so many great events, and this year, we're gearing up to elevate the experience even further!

In response to the overwhelming turnout at Gen Con ‘23, we've doubled our event capacity while staying true to our commitment to fostering the relaxed, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere that defines Sorcery.

Our lineup features events tailored for varying levels of expertise, ranging from beginner-friendly Learn-to-Play sessions to three 64-player booster draft events, as well as a 64-player Constructed Champion Event.

Outside of regular gameplay events, there will also be a Meet and Trade session - a chance to connect with fellow Sorcerers, catch up with the Erik’s Curiosa team, and trade cards with your fellow players to work towards completing your collection. More information on this particular event to come!

And, that’s just official events! As attendees from last year will recall, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet up with Sorcery players for casual before and after-event play.

This Sunday, May 19th - Gen Con event registration will open at noon Eastern time. Sorcery events can be found here: Gen Con 2024 Sorcery Events

We are also fortunate to have a team of dedicated volunteers who will help run the learn-to-play events and judge the tournaments. We looking forward to seeing you all!

To join the discussion on the Sorcery: Contested Realm Discord head on over to the #GenCon2024 channel!

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