GAMEPLAY: New Elemental Avatars of Sorcery Contested Realm in ACTION!

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See the Elemental Avatars of Sorcery Contested Realm in ACTION!

With Sorcery: Contested Realm we set out to create more than a card game, we wanted to craft an experience. With fantastic art and gameplay, we seek to transport you into the Contested Realm. The latest four Elemental Avatars available in the Beta Preconstructed Decks are an extension of that desire.

These Avatars represent masters of fundamental forces of nature, each with unique strengths and abilities. Taking on the persona of an Avatar of the Realm, whether as the Geomancer, Sparkmage, Waveshaper, or Flamecaller, we want you to be drawn into the fantastical realm of Sorcery.

With the reveal of the Avatars later today, you will begin to have a sense of the potential these new Avatars bring to the game... but to really have an understanding you'll want to see them in action!

Avatars in Action: Sorcery Team Covenant Gameplay

We know you’ve been eagerly waiting to see the gameplay of Beta Edition Elemental Avatars in action, and the time has come!

Today, at 2:30 PM EST, join us for a showcase with Team Covenant pitting the Geomancer and the Sparkmage in a head-to-head showdown. Steven and Zach capture the spirit of the Sorcery gameplay experience and couple this with unparalleled production quality for a gameplay video you won't want to miss!

Epic Adventures with Kitchen Table Play in Mind

With so many possibilities unlocked by the addition of the Elemental Avatars in the Beta Preconstructed Decks, you might be wondering how the Geomancer plays against other Preconstructed Avatars.

Well, don't worry! If you are looking for additional gameplay footage, Louie from KitchenTable TCG has you covered! He's making waves pitting the Geomancer against the Waveshaper in his Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Preconstructed Deck gameplay debuting later today.

Join the Community

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, as we continue to explore the world of Sorcery: Contested Realm!

You can connect with the Sorery community in our Facebook group and Discord Server, we look forward to seeing you there as we celebrate the launch of Sorcery: Contested Realm - Beta Edition this week!

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