Blackfire Partnership for European Distribution

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Erik's Curiosa

European Sorcerers! We have great news for you. Erik's Curiosa is excited to announce a distribution partnership with Blackfire to serve the European community and get the Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta set into your hands.

If you are a retailer located in Europe or the United Kingdom, be sure to place your preorders before May 8th to ensure that you receive the full allocation. You can find the products by searching for "Sorcery TCG" on the Blackfire website: They have booster boxes, playmats and preconstructed deck boxes available.

If you are a player in Europe or the UK and want to make sure you can get access to these, inform your local game store as soon as possible about this development so they can place an order.

We're working on other areas with things looking very promising. Look out for more news soon.

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