Erik's Curiosa Acquires

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Erik's Curiosa

We are delighted to announce Erik's Curiosa has just completed the acquisition of card library and deck building application!

It will now feature prominently as we develop our official web and community presence. will continue to be free for players to enjoy, and with additional resources and funding, we hope to create a world class experience for our community to learn, create, share, and socialise everything they love about Sorcery!

On top of that, the website's creator, Reuben (AKA @flyinglemu in the discord community), has also officially joined the Sorcery team, and even at this early stage, is making a tremendous impact on our internal operations. We have some ambitious plans for in 2023, so stay tuned for updates as we work on the transition and roll out of new features!

The Erik's Curiosa team are stoked to have been able to work with Reuben over the last few months to achieve this, so please join us in thanking him for all his hard work and welcome him to the team.

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