Curiosa Gets Some New Toys

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Reuben Harcourt

It's been a long time coming, but Curiosa finally has the much anticipated FAQ system! As well as this, there are now foils, the kickstarter promo cards like Winter River and Relentless Crowd, and alternate arts on cards like Guile Sirens.


FAQs are something we've been working on for awhile and we're really excited to integrate them into Curiosa. They're a first touchpoint for people with questions during gameplay, and attempt to answer the vast majority of questions that tend to come up.

To curate the list, Ira, Rafa, and the rest of the development team painstakingly went through hundreds of games worth of playtesting feedback and discord chatter, picking out the common threads and concepts tripping both beginners and veterans up. They made rulings on all of these.

For instance... "What happens if a second King of the Realm enters play?".

A quick search for King of the Realm in curiosa (via the search all tool front and center on the homepage, the search all tool in the header of the website, or searching on the /cards page) will tell you... "Since they are two overlapping passive effects, the effect that entered play later takes precedence. If the second King leaves play, the first King will reassert his control over all Mortals."

What about if you wanted to know something more nuanced? "What happens if Megamoeba is in a Silence aura?".

The FAQ section is roughly prioritised to show more common questions up top, and more niche things below. Just look up the card, and scroll through the FAQs to find this answer at the bottom. "As soon as it enters the Silence aura, it loses its abilities. Therefore, it stops occupying all the locations it ever occupied and shrinks to a single location within the Silence aura. While in the Silence aura, it also doesn’t get +1 power for each location."

Foils, Kickstarter Promos, and Alternate Art Cards

For awhile now, curiosa has been missing a couple notable cards - Relentless Crowd and Winter River. These have been added.

We know some people also love to explore all the various printings and foil treatments of a card, and bling out their decks, so the kickstarter promo alt arts have been added. This includes Guile Sirens, Critical Strike, Occult Ritual, Sirian Templar, and the Sorcerer that Erik gave himself RSI signing thousands of copies of.

On top of this, a foil version of every standard Alpha card has also been added.

To edit these in your deck, just use the dropdown from the edit card popup, and click "save".

The hope is that this will improve your ability to explore and enjoy sorcery, helping you collect variants of cards you most enjoy and chase your favourite art. It should also provide you with a few tools to aid in collection management for now.

At some stage, Curiosa will probably provide a full solution for that, but in the meantime, many community members have settled on the idea to simply maintain a private decklist on their account where they track their entire collection. Yes, we know, you can't manage foils and non foils separately like this yet (since from a gameplay perspective they are the same card and will appear as one entry in your deck as such), but it lays the groundwork at least.

That's it for now. But stay tuned for a change coming on our website... This will be a major part of the box opening experience that we know you'll love!

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