Beta Preorders

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Erik's Curiosa

To address a flood of requests from people that missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, we have partnered with Team Covenant to enable pre-orders of the Beta Edition of Sorcery: Contested Realm!

The Beta Edition booster box will contain the same 403 card set as Alpha with only minor tweaks to a few card arts and text with increased rules clarity. The Beta set will get four new elemental avatars and it will use a β instead of an α symbol on each card.

This will not be the only way to get Beta. Far from it. Our intention is to make Beta widely available through regular distribution channels amongst other methods.

This limited time pre-order will help us gauge interest for the Beta print run. The intention is to help players who just want to play the game by providing a guaranteed preorder system at MSRP ($150), while also helping us better understand demand so as not to over- or under-print. Each box comes with an exclusive Lightning Bolt promo card that uses new art by Brian Smith as a thank you to players who are willing to pre-order before the set is printed.

The preorder will run from today (February 2nd 2023) up until April 1st 2023. Find out more at their website here.

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