Beta Avatars in Constructed Play

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Yesterday, you witnessed epic gameplay featuring the Beta Preconstructed Decks from Team Covenant and KitchenTable TCG

Today, at 2:00 pm EST, Haine from Wizard's Den and Jesse from The Winning Agenda will guide us through Avatar-specific deck techs followed by head-to-head Beta Constructed gameplay. Boasting a wealth of game knowledge, through their videos they offer insights into constructed gameplay environments for Sorcery: Contested Realm - Beta Edition!

Part 1: Building the Decks

Start by watching Jesse and Haine's Beta Avatar-specific Deck Tech videos. Then, see how their constructed decks perform in a head-to-head match from their respective perspectives.

Geomancer Constructed Deck Tech

Flamecaller Deck Tech:

Part 2: Gameplay

Now that you've seen Jesse and Haine build their decks for Constructed Play, see how the Elementalist Avatars match up in a battle from two different perspectives. Make sure to watch both to gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and decision-making behind these skilled players!

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