Ascanrask Sorcery Event: A Pan-European Event

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Excitement is brewing as Sorcery: Contested Realm enthusiasts across Europe prepare to converge at the White Rabbit Game Store in Aachen, Germany, for the highly anticipated Ascanrask Event on June 1st. Spearheaded by Nerd and Proud of It, Cardboard Guide, and White Rabbit CGS, this fan-run Sorcery event promises to unite players from various corners of the continent in celebration of the Sorcery community via a 32-person sealed tournament for players of all skill levels.

Follow the White Rabbit

Nestled in downtown Aachen, the White Rabbit Game Store offers unparalleled convenience, with easy access from the main train station and ample parking nearby. Its central location makes it an ideal hub for travelers, while the city’s rich history provides additional opportunities for those looking to explore beyond the tournament event.

The Ascanrask Event will feature a 32-person sealed tournament, with the primary focus on fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

"We are looking to gather both old and new players, as well as people just getting into the game," Sofie, co-host of the popular Sorcery channel Cardboard Guide, shares.

Expand Your Realm

With this spirit of inclusivity, the event looks to be accessible to all, focusing on a sealed format and an emphasis on building connections both during the event and with a pre-event dinner and meet-and-greet, an element Sofie explains is almost equally as important as the event itself.

"We want to focus on the community part and building a great starting point for future events, and this is why we are encouraging people to join us for a player’s dinner." Here, players have the opportunity to connect, as well as to meet with Sofie, Jens, and Jürgen from Cardboard Guide and Nerd and Proud of It.

A Pan-European Event

With attendees expected from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and even England, the event promises to be a truly diverse cross-section of the European community. With generous prize support and a welcoming atmosphere, participants are guaranteed a memorable experience.

Tickets are available here.

This event will be streamed on the White Rabbit Community Game Store YouTube channel.

A testament to the passion and dedication of the European Sorcery community, as the countdown to June 1st begins, for more information and updates inquiries can be emailed to Additional coverage can be found on Nerd and Proud of It and Cardboard Guide’s YouTube channels.

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