Arthurian Legends First Look: “Power of Flight” Art by Séverine Pineaux

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Erik’s Curiosa is proud to unveil “Power of Flight,” the latest illustration by celebrated artist Séverine Pineaux, featured in the upcoming Arthurian Legends expansion of Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Sorcery: Contested Realm’s artists use traditional methods to create beautiful, hand-crafted art to bring the Realm to life. With iconic illustrations such as the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Alpha elemental avatars of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, Séverine Pineaux continues her tradition of signature pieces into Arthurian Legends.

The Challenge of Flight

With an affinity for illustrating the mystical, Séverine Pineaux has a long history of working on fantasy illustrations, and this experience allows her to tackle the challenges of creating art for Sorcery. “To create “Power of Flight,” Severine shares, “I had to depict a flying knight. The challenge was to give an impression of lightness to a figure of a knight in armor, necessarily massive.”

To achieve the desired effect, Séverine looked to avoid several pitfalls. “For this drawing, the knight is the important point. If I’d just depicted him as weightless, he’d have quickly become Iron Man, and, with wings, he’d become an angel.”

To help give the impression of flight, Séverine focused on painting a distant landscape, in the style of a medieval painting.

“When Erik saw my sketch, he asked me to give more space to this landscape, to air out the image even more.” With this feedback, Séverine made slight adjustments, before adding in colors which would evoke a slight melancholy. “Sorcery’s choice to allow artists great creative freedom and style makes it one of the most enjoyable and stimulating collaborations I’ve experienced,” Séverine shares.

Power of Flight is one of several pieces by Séverine Pineaux that will be available for players to discover in Sorcery’s Arthurian Legends, available early Q4.

Explore more of Séverine Pineaux's work on her Instagram and explore her full portfolio of Sorcery cards on, the official Sorcery deck builder.

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