Arthurian Legends First Look: “Mesmerism” by Drew Tucker

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Erik's Curiosa

All illustrations in Sorcery: Contested Realm are hand-painted using traditional mediums, and Erik’s Curiosa is proud to work with talented artists from around the world to bring the Realm to life. Known for his evocative and atmospheric art, Drew Tucker brings a unique, but iconic, perspective to his works in Arthurian Legends, the upcoming set for Sorcery: Contested Realm, debuting in early Q4.

Erik’s Curiosa is proud to present “Mesmerism,” a captivating piece by the talented artist Drew Tucker.

The Creative Process and Inspiration

The journey from idea to a balanced card, ready to see play the table begins with a single prompt - open-ended, aimed at allowing artists to fill the space with their creativity and distinct personal styles, all in service of ensuring that each card in Sorcery is iconic and memorable.

With the original prompt “to show the face of a mind-controlled person,” Drew aimed to depict a druid casting a spell in the woods.

“I wanted to convey a druid creating a hypnotism spell in the woods. As he casts it, the leaves swirl along with his finger movements, catching you off balance,” Drew explains.

One of Drew’s favorite memories played a significant role in shaping the mood of “Mesmerism”:

“One of my favorite memories is laying on a big rock under the maple trees in southern Illinois during the fall, watching the leaves twist, spin, and spiral down. I wanted to capture that hypnotic stare and then add a punchline to it all. In the druid's right hand is a knife, suggesting that once his spell gets you…he’s going to shiv you with it."

We eagerly await the release of “Mesmerism” and are proud to showcase Drew Tucker’s exceptional talent in Sorcery’s Arthurian Legends set.

For more information, visit and follow Sorcery: Contested Realm on social media for the latest updates and exclusive previews. Find out more about how Drew Tucker paints the Realm here.

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