Arthurian Legends First Look: “Camelot” by Jeff A. Menges

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There is perhaps no greater symbol of the Arthurian world than the legendary castle and seat of King Arthur’s court, Camelot. This mythical site stands at the center of the tales that have captivated generations and continue to be honored through Sorcery: Contested Realm’s upcoming Arthurian Legends set, releasing in early Q4.

With numerous depictions across various mediums, many noted artists have envisioned this iconic locale, including N.C. Wyeth, Aubrey Beardsley, and Howard Pyle, among many others.

Erik’s Curiosa is proud to share the most recent entry into the pantheon of great depictions of Camelot, featuring art by TCG veteran and Sorcery artist Jeff A. Menges.

Jeff A. Menges, Sorcery Artist

A seasoned illustrator, Jeff A. Menges’ passion for illustration led him to become a pioneering artist in the TCG space, marking a career that spans over three decades. Among his notable achievements is the authorship of “Visions of Camelot: Great Illustrations of King Arthur and His Court,” which affords him with a unique perspective on creating an original depiction of the seat of King Arthur’s court.

Crafting Sorcery’s Hand-Painted Traditional Art

All art in Sorcery is handpainted with traditional mediums, and Camelot is no exception. “My preference is for acrylics on a gessoed board. I’ve been working with acrylics since my high school days, and I learn to think a painting through with that medium in mind,” Menges shares. “It’s kind of how I trained myself.”

Rally the Banners

A Realm of adventure awaits you in Arthurian Legends, the eagerly awaited set for Sorcery: Contested Realm boasting beautifully crafted cards featuring hand-painted pieces of art, for standalone use or alongside Sorery’s Alpha and Beta editions.

Learn more about how Jeff A. Menges paints the Realm here.

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