Alpha Precons - Unboxing & Gameplay

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We sent the guys at Team Covenant a couple of sets of Alpha preconstructed decks to play around with and, like the rest of us gamer types, they lost no time tearing off the plastic wrap, unboxing each of the decks, and then immediately getting them into action!

Warning - spoilers ahead for whats in each of the precons! If you want it all to be a surprise when you get your hands on cards, look no further.

Unboxing the Water Preconstructed Deck:

Unboxing the Fire Preconstructed Deck:

Unboxing the Earth Preconstructed Deck:

Unboxing the Air Preconstructed Deck:

Check out the Precons in Action:

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Sorcery News (30 March)

Season one of the league wraps up, Nick Crawford relays his journey through the league all the way to the finals, the EC studio fails the marshmallow test, a NZ distribution deal is signed, and more...

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Sorcery League - Season Two Registration Open

Season One saw nearly 200 games played, a competitive top 8, generous prizing, and a lot of fun had. We're sure Season Two has plenty more of that in store, and registrations are now open!

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