Alpha Playtesting Rewards & Promos

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Erik's Curiosa

As we get closer and closer to Alpha fulfillment, we all get more excited to see the actual product in our hands. A few of you have wondered and asked about two very special promo cards, which the community had the chance to win through multiple events during the pre-Alpha era. Fear not, for your promos are safely guarded (and sleeved) in Erik's 40x Relentless Crowd deck. Jokes aside, we are here today to provide some context and update everyone on both the Relentless Crowd and the Cardback Sketch promo situation.

Relentless Crowd Promo

In the earlier days of our community, back in December 2021, we introduced to our community what would eventually become one of Sorcery’s most sought-after cards: the Relentless Crowd, with incredible art by Ian Miller. That same year, through our Photo for a Promo campaign, as well as in the following year through multiple giveaway events, many in our own relentless crowd of sorcerers were given opportunities to acquire a copy of this very special promo. Consisting of only 100 copies, we wanted to give our early supporters plenty of opportunities, and dozens of you have been able to get your copy of the desirable Relentless Crowed promo. To reiterate what we have stated in the past, Erik’s Curiosa won’t sell or print this card with this particular artwork ever again. For those who weren’t lucky (or relentless) enough to get one, there will be opportunities in the future, although these will be rarer compared to how it has been in the past.

Cardback Sketch Promo

By the end of last year, we invited our community to join a special playtesting event as cards neared the production pipeline. Our goal was simple: we wanted to throw as many cards as possible out in the wild so that our wonderful community could test them and then give feedback to us. This would help us smooth some of the remaining rough edges in design, clarity, and balance. We were really excited to see over four hundred people sign up for our Alpha Playtesting Event and to see the amount of valuable feedback we received. Not all people contributed, however. Out of the more than four hundred participants, roughly 25% (115 people) engaged and contributed in some way. Therefore, these will be the ones to receive the rewards and keep the Discord role of Alpha Veteran. As a reminder of our original announcement, people that joined during the first sign-up will get a signed version of the promo, while people that signed up later will get the regular, non-signed promo.

Organizing & Shipping Rewards

In the next few days, we’ll be contacting winners of Sorcery’s Cardback Sketch promo and winners of the Relentless Crowd promo to get any needed details. For those who have already provided their details, we’ll reach out to make sure that everything is correct and up-to-date. These will be sent out individually to each person alongside Alpha fulfillment as a separate package.

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